New bonus content, pre-order links, and an upcoming appearance!

Hello! I have three bits of fun news to share:

1. At long last, the 7,000-word story I wrote as a pre-order offering for Ship Wrecked is up on my Bonus Content page! (Just scroll down a bit; it’s listed under “For the Spoiler Alert series.”) “Crush” explores the Gods of the Gates‘s cast’s fateful trip to a Napa Valley vineyard, during which Carah “I Swear Because I Care” Brown and Summer “Sweet, Smart, and Sly” Diaz finally acknowledge the attraction they’ve been hiding for a long, long time. The story is hot and tender and full of profanity, just like Carah herself. 🙂 I hope you absolutely love it!

2. At First Spite, the first book in my new Harlot’s Bay series, is now up for pre-order!

Here’s the premise of the story: Athena Greydon is engaged to Harlot’s Bay pediatrician Johnny Vine…until his interfering older brother Matthew, also a pediatrician, convinces Johnny to dump her a month before the wedding. For Romance Novel Reasons™, she ends up living in a ten-foot-wide Spite House that’s sandwiched between the two brothers, a mere brick wall away from her ex-fiancé and only a four-foot alleyway distant from his older brother. Whereupon she engages in a bit of well-deserved payback…only to find herself attracted to the very same man who ruined her life: Dr. Matthew Vine the Freaking Third. Dammit.

At First Spite comes out on February 20, 2024 and is available for pre-order at AmazonAmazon UKBarnes & NobleiBooksKobo, and Google Play, as well as Love’s Sweet Arrow and The Ripped Bodice! (For more vendors carrying the U.S. edition, please click here, and to add to Goodreads, click here.)

3. Since I live in Sweden, I don’t participate in many live events, but I made an exception for the first-ever Steamy Lit Con (formerly RomCon), a romance book convention for authors and readers that celebrates diversity in our genre! Steamy Lit Con will be held August 18-19, 2023 in Anaheim, California and will include panels, signing sessions with 200 authors (including me), and other fun events. I would love to see you there!

Ticket sales are live and can be accessed through the Universe website.

FYI: If you attend and want me to sign some books for you, you can pre-order them through the on-site bookstore, Meet Cute Romance Bookshop. When checking out, just put “Pick up at Steamy Lit Con” in the comments, and you’ll be able to claim them at the on-site bookstore during the event!

That’s all the latest news! Take care, and I’m wishing you a lovely rest of your March. ♥


Short Story Alert!

A quick heads-up: I just posted a new short story on the Bonus Content page of my website! “Untrue Love” is an armful of feathers in story form—fluffy, lightweight, and warm. It’s not connected to any of my published books, it’s a wee bit witchy, and I hope it’s exactly what you want to read for a few minutes of joy. ♥