There’s Something About Marysburg Series

Teach Me (There’s Something About Marysburg, Book 1)

Cover of Teach Me by Olivia Dade. Includes a pretty, fat, brown-haired woman impeccably dressed in black with a reluctant half-smile on her face, a smiling, handsome-but-understated dark-haired man in a tie, and the tagline is "Even ice queens can melt." There's a banner noting it's a There's Something About Marysburg novel.

Their lesson plans didn’t include love. But that’s about to change…

When Martin Krause arrives at Rose Owens’s high school, she’s determined to remain chilly with her new colleague. Unfriendly? Maybe. Understandable? Yes, since a loathsome administrator gave Rose’s beloved world history classes to Martin, knowing it would hurt her.

But keeping her distance from a man as warm and kind as Martin will prove challenging, even for a stubborn, guarded ice queen. Especially when she begins to see him for what he truly is: a man who’s never been taught his own value. Martin could use a good teacher—and luckily, Rose is the best.

Rose has her own lessons—about trust, about vulnerability, about her past—to learn. And over the course of a single school year, the two of them will find out just how hot it can get when an ice queen melts.

Teach Me is available as an e-book and paperback at AmazonBarnes & NobleGoogleiBooks, and Kobo, and you can also find the paperback at The Ripped Bodice and Love’s Sweet Arrow!

“With her warm and witty voice and wry humor, Dade weaves a story with shrewd observations about human nature, workplace dynamics, second chances, and the inner strength to overcome fear and take back control. Teach Me is a happiness-inducing, funny, clever, and empathetic book, and I’m very much looking forward to whatever Dade writes next.” —Lucy Parker

"[Teach Me] made me cry at my desk at work (a true badge of honor). Dade's slow-burn romance follows ice queen history teacher Rose and her new co-worker, Martin, over the course of a school year, and it made me want to call and thank all the kind teachers I ever had. Rose and Martin are good, complicated, devoted people, and the way they pine for each other is rendered by Dade in all its aching beauty." --BookPage, Starred Review

“[W]hen a work comes along that feels entirely new in all the best ways, I tend to take notice. As I read Olivia Dade’s newest, Teach Me, I felt just that. … I adored Teach Me from top to bottom and I’m sure it’ll be on my best of list come December. Thanks for this one, Ms. Dade.” —All About Romance, Desert Isle Keeper review
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Cover Me / Work of Heart (There’s Something About Marysburg, Book 2)

Temporary cover for Cover Me / Work of Heart: Title at the top, Olivia Dade at the bottom, with a banner in the middle stating "COVER COMING SOON"

This book contains stories previously published in the Rogue Affair and Rogue Acts anthologies. The stories have been (very) lightly edited.

Cover Me: First comes marriage…

Elizabeth Stone has no health insurance. No savings. No one to turn to when she finds a lump on her breast…except James Magnusson, her friend of over twenty years. When he offers her a marriage of convenience for healthcare coverage, she’d be a fool to say no. But given the emotions she’s buried for so long, saying yes might lead to a different emergency: a broken heart.

James won’t take no for an answer. Not when marriage could save Elizabeth’s life, and not when he’s finally realized how much he needs her. Even during his doomed first marriage, James considered Elizabeth a special friend—one he had to keep at a safe distance. Now he’s free, and Elizabeth is his wife…but will they finally have the chance to be together, only to have everything torn apart?

Content warnings: This story contains discussions of breast cancer, an on-page mammogram and biopsy, and a happily-ever-after as sweet as Elizabeth’s apple pies.

Work of Heart: Love is the hottest scoop of all…

Down-on-her-luck artist Jenny Meyers will do almost anything for money. Wrangle balloon parakeets at children’s parties? Fine. Recreate a portrait of Napoleon for a detestable presidential candidate? Sure. But when that politician pays her from his charity, Jenny balks…and contacts the most trusted and swoon-worthy investigative reporter around.

David Redi knows an explosive political scandal when he sees one, but he never expected a career-making tip to come from an effervescent portrait painter with the eyes of a freakin’ cartoon princess. A romance with his source would wreck his credibility, but Jenny is the one lead he can’t refuse to follow. And soon it’s not only truth, justice, and liberty at stake—it’s love.

Available soon at all major retailers!

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Text block 1: "Cover Me is an absolute gem--a marriage-of-convenience story with a giant heart! It's a story to treasure! --Molly O'Keefe
Text block 2: "[T]his year I read a fantastic marriage of convenience in contemporary romance, that reminded me that all tropes can be awesome in the hands of great writers. I loved Olivia Dade's Cover Me. . . . This is a friends-to-lovers MoC for insurance purposes. The heroine is so determinedly independent and the hero so determined to care for her. The result is incandescent."  —Ana Coqui, Immersed in Books
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