Love Unscripted Series

Desire and the Deep Blue Sea (Love Unscripted, Book 1)

Cover for Olivia Dade's Desire and the Deep Blue Sea: A couple on the shore with palm trees behind them and a boom mic overhead. The tagline reads "They're pretending. Until they aren't."

They’re pretending. Until they aren’t.

Thomas McKinney has never wanted a woman the way he wants Callie Adesso. Since she started working alongside him at the Colonial Marysburg Research Library, he’s spent his desk shifts fumbling pencils, tripping over his own feet, and struggling to remember both the Dewey Decimal System and the existence of her inconvenient boyfriend. Now, however, Callie is suddenly single—and in need of a last-minute faux-boyfriend for an episode of HATV’s Island Match. Thomas is more than happy to play the part…and in the process, convince Callie that a week together isn’t nearly long enough.

Callie has never found a man as irritating as she finds Thomas. He may be brilliant, kind, and frustratingly handsome, but the absent-minded librarian also makes every workday an anxiety-inducing exercise in stress. Even seven days in paradise by his side won’t change her opinion of him. Really. No matter how attentive he is. And gentle. And sexy.

One plane ride later, the two of them are spending long, hot days under the sun and on display, pretending to be in love for a television show. This may be a vacation, but it’s also an act—as well as Thomas’s last chance to persuade the woman of his dreams to include him in hers. And soon, the island heat isn’t the only thing steaming up HATV’s cameras…

Desire and the Deep Blue Sea is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo, and you can also find the paperback at The Ripped Bodice and Love’s Sweet Arrow!

Text: What people are saying about Desire and the Deep Blue Sea. “Desire and the Deep Blue Sea was a delight of a novella. I gobbled it up in one bite and have no regrets. The hero is a swoon-worthy, bumbling academic, all cautious restraint and patient devotion. The heroine is an anxious badass (yes, those qualities can and usually do coexist), not to mention incredibly relatable. This book is pure catnip. Enjoy.” --Talia Hibbert
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Tiny House, Big Love (Love Unscripted, Book 2)

Cover of TINY HOUSE, BIG LOVE by Olivia Dade, with the tagline "TINY HOME. HUGE DESIRE." At the top of the cover, it reads: "A LOVE UNSCRIPTED NOVEL." A solemn-looking man and smiling, bespectacled woman are standing next to a happy dog and irritated cat by a field and forest, with a dilapidated tiny house in the background.

On camera. Up close. In denial—but not for much longer…

After a relationship gone bad, Lucy Finch is leaving everything behind. Her old home, her old job, her old insecurities. Even Sebastián Castillo, her protective but intensely private friend of almost twenty years. Before she moves halfway across the country, though, she has one last request for Seb: She wants him to help her choose a tiny house on cable television. And maybe during the filming process, she can discover once and for all whether his feelings for her are more than platonic…

Sebastián would rather do anything than appear on HATV. But Lucy needs him, and he can’t say no. Not when she’s about to leave, taking his heart with her. Hiding how he feels with a television crew watching their every move will prove difficult, though—especially when that crew is doing their sneaky best to transform two longtime friends into a couple.

Tiny spaces. Hidden emotions. The heat generated by decades of desire and denial. A week spent on camera might just turn Lucy and Seb’s relationship from family-friendly to viewer discretion advised…

Tiny House, Big Love is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo, and you can also find the paperback at The Ripped Bodice and Love’s Sweet Arrow!

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