I made videos! And not the type my mom may once have feared!

A black and white vector of a woman smiling with buns on either side of her head and a newspaper in front of her.

I actually made three videos, to be precise!

The first video, I’d been meaning to record for a long time, ever since giving my Big Love: Fat Representation in Romance talk at the NECRWA convention several years ago. I wanted to update the content and make it available to a wider audience, and now I have. If you’re interested in why you should include fat characters in your stories, and how to do so without hurting vulnerable readers, this video might be a good starting place.

The other recordings feature two of my closest friends, both of whom contributed amazing stories to our upcoming He’s Come Undone anthology. I sat down for one-on-one discussions with Ruby Lang and Emma Barry last summer, and each time, we spent an hour and a half talking about our writing and ourselves. I gestured with my hands approximately thirty bajillion times, so there’s that too. You should also expect a great deal of giggling, because I am who I am. 🙂

If you adore Ruby and Emma as much as I do, or care about body diversity in romance, or simply need to hear another human voice during such a stressful time, I hope you get a chance to watch these videos, and I hope you love them. ♥♥♥

Hugs and more ♥,

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