More Extra-Delicious Cinnamon Roll Heroes for the Holidays

cinnamon roll heroes

As soon as I wrote my last post about Cinnamon Roll Heroes, I received a bunch of messages pointing me to other kind, loving (fictional) men in romance. So here are the tasty additions to the list!

Hugs and ♥,

1. Annabeth Albert: Connection Error

2. Adriana Anders: Under Her Skin (“takes in all strays – including a skunk”)

3. Austin Chant: Coffee Boy

4. Shae Connor: En Fuego (“rescues a pregnant cat from a fire & fosters her + her kittens!”)

5. CJane Elliott: Serpentine Walls; Aidan’s Journey; Sex, Love & Videogames

6. Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell: Strong Signal

7. Alexis Hall: For Real

8. Janice Kay Johnson: Anything For Her (“Sculptor meets quilter with Big Secret. Sensitive, beautifully characterized, thematically perfect.”)

9. Susanna Kearsley: The Firebird (“soooo squishy”)

10. Sacha Lamb: Avi Cantor Has Six Months to Live

11. Lina Langley: Maxx Neon

12. Annabeth Leong: Challenge Accepted

13. Sue London: A Common Christmas (“a classic British butler who has a soft spot for people in distress, kittens, and family”)

14. Tamsen Parker: Love on the Tracks

15. Roan Parrish: Small Change (“the hero is dripping with cinnamon… He makes her sandwiches, for crying out loud”)

16. Alisha Rai: Wrong to Need You

17. Layla Reyne: Agents Irish and Whiskey series

18. Cat Sebastian: All of ’em, including Ruin of a Rake (“the squishiest sweetest Rake I’ve ever met”); It Takes Two to Tumble (“it’s so good and considerate and everyone is a good person and there are like 5 kinds of pie”)

19. Amy Tasukada: Would It Be Okay to Love You?

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