My Romance Romp Podcast (AKA Ramble-thon 2017)


Kini and I in the offices of The Frederick News-Post (Kini’s the adorable one on the right).

Yesterday on Twitter, a lovely writer friend mentioned listening to the podcast I recorded in January with reader, reviewer, and podcaster extraordinaire Kini. Several other people then asked for the link and listened to the interview too. Which, incidentally, made ME click the link and listen, since I didn’t remember what I’d said! 🙂

Anyway, it occurred to me that I’d never posted the podcast link on my blog and website, so here it is: the Romance Romp podcast! I’m Episode 7, and there are many other wonderful episodes too.

If you want to listen to me chat with Kini about romance as both a reader and writer, or if you want to hear why I have such a hard time reading or writing alphahole heroes, or if you simply want to know what it sounds like when a grown woman giggles for an hour and twenty minutes, this podcast is for you!

(Note: Do I really sound like that? I guess I do, huh?)

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