When Hairy Met Sexy: My Intensive Beard Research

The fifth book in my Lovestruck Librarians series, Driven to Distraction, features a hot ginger beardo hero. But my husband is clean-shaven, and I’ve never dated a follicularly-blessed man. So I did what every conscientious writer does when faced with unknown territory: I researched. Thoroughly. Very, very thoroughly.

P.S. You’re welcome.


First, I studied hot beardos on book covers and within other romances. The process necessitated a great deal of procrastination when it came to my deadlines, but I persevered.


Next, I checked to make certain I possessed a full and complete understanding of hot beardo etymology. NOTE: Always use eye protection during dangerous scientific research!


I couldn’t call myself a Hot Beardo Expert unless I studied the foremost authority in the field. And my goodness, the work was long and hard and handsome and more than a little arousing and—

Wait. He’s looking back at me, isn’t he? He totally is, right?


Idris Elba, sadly, did not return my calls or respond to my skywriting missives, so for my hands-on research, I turned to another fine specimen of bearditude: my friend’s husband.

Her: She wants to tug on your beard. But in a non-creepy way.

Him: Does a non-creepy way of fondling your friend’s husband’s beard exist?

Her: I guess we’re going to find out.

Him: I don’t kn—

Her: Oh, and she needs to borrow your lab coat.

So rest assured that the character of Sam Wolcott, the hero of Driven to Distraction, is based on very professional and conscientious research.

I do it all for you, my readers. All for you.

(Also: I owe a HUGE thank-you to Casey Smith, professional photographer extraordinaire, who took such care with these photos despite their complete and utter ridiculousness.)

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