Could YOUR Stableboy Be a Marriageable Female in Disguise? 10 Telltale Signs!

**Excerpted from Regency Men’s Fitness. All rights reserved. Thanks to Tessa Dare.**

Many a marriage-averse duke has been led into matrimony by a winsome stableboy (who’s really a hoyden/virgin/revenge-seeking virago) in his employ. Could you be next?

Watch your stableboy carefully for the following signs:

  1. Surprisingly (and delightfully) rounded bottom when he leans over to check your stallion’s hoof. (NOTE: Not a metaphor.)
  2. Keeps clearing his throat and attempting to talk in a lower voice, especially when you unexpectedly arrive while he’s murmuring to your horses.
  3. Refuses to join other stable staff in inevitable, impromptu lake/river bathing.
  4. Head always covered by something that would conceal lustrous locks of shimmering hair.
  5. Previous stableboys have never stirred similar feelings in your dukish loins. (NOTE: Such feelings may indicate a need to reevaluate your sexuality, rather than the presence of a disguised heroine. Or both.)
  6. You can talk to him for hours about estate management, which is unusual for stableboys.
  7. Keeps gritting his teeth when you talk about your most recent opera dancer.
  8. Possesses huge, intelligent eyes invariably fringed by thick, long lashes.
  9. When he incurs injury to his torso or groin region—which he will, trust us—and you’re forced to undress him, you realize he’s bound his tempting breasts with a length of linen.
  10. Looks very much like your best friend’s little sister, your little sister’s best friend, or the daughter of your sworn enemy. So much so, in fact, that you wonder whether he could be her twin. (HINT: He’s not. They’re the SAME PERSON.)

3 thoughts on “Could YOUR Stableboy Be a Marriageable Female in Disguise? 10 Telltale Signs!

      • In Shakespeare’s 12th Night, Viola/”Cesario” dresses as a boy to act as page to Count Orsino. She/he falls in love with him. This is what Viola/Cesario says about unrequited love to Olivia (who has spurned Orsino’s love):

        Make me a willow cabin at your gate
        And call upon my soul within the house,
        Write loyal cantons of contemnèd love,
        And sing them loud even in the dead of night;
        Hallow your name to the reverberate hills,
        And make the babbling gossip of the air
        Cry out ’Olivia!’ O, you should not rest
        Between the elements of air and earth
        But you should pity me.

        One thing leads to another and Olivia falls in love with the page boy, Cesario … and Orsino too feels loin-stirrings for him, which he denies … you get the picture! 😉

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