New and Imminent Nerdery…

ReadyToFallReady to Fall, the fourth book in my Lovestruck Librarians series, is now availableand Book Riot named it one of their 100 Must-Read Romantic Comedies!

To pursue the man of her dreams, Sarah Mayhew needs to learn how to ride a bike in four days. But will a hot summer night spent with her sexy riding instructor convince her to change those dreams and risk falling hard for him?

“Love’s never out of reach for the librarians of the Nice County Library System… Sarah’s charm and humor are perfectly suited to a beach read.”
—Publishers Weekly on Ready to Fall

This novella-length romantic comedy is available as an e-book. You can order it from AmazonBarnes & Noble, GoogleBooks-A-Million, iBooks, or Kobo!


DrivenToDistractionComing soon: Driven to Distraction, the fifth book in my Lovestruck Librarians series!

Constance Chen is not the demure kind of librarian. Sure, her high-horsepower ride is Big Bertha the Bookmobile, but Con swears a blue streak, does her own home improvement, and wears steel-toed boots. She has a tight circle of friends, a demanding, beloved sprawl of a Chinese-American family, and a strict hookups-only policy when it comes to men. Her life is just how she wants it. Except for one maddeningly sexy footnote.

Sam Wolcott, her friend’s baby brother and the library’s IT star, has been throwing sparks with Con since he moved to town. To everybody else, he’s a thoughtful, sensitive sweetheart. To Con, he’s a cantankerous pedant, because if they don’t fight nonstop their clothes will spontaneously combust. Sam needs a commitment Con won’t—can’t—give. And neither of them will chance their hard-won bonds for pure lust.

Too bad Con and Sam have a whole week in a very tiny, very private space to sustain their dumb arguments. Alone. What happens in the Bookmobile might take their resistance right out of circulation . . .

Available January 17, 2017. Before then, you can preorder this full-length romantic comedy from AmazonBarnes & NobleGoogle, Books-A-Million, iBooks, or Kobo!