New and Imminent Nerdery…

“Work of Heart,” my story for Rogue Affair, is here!

Hot and sexy young couple in love embracing

Down-on-her-luck artist Jenny Meyers will do almost anything for money. Wrangle balloon parakeets at children’s parties? Fine. Recreate a portrait of Napoleon for a detestable presidential candidate? Sure. But when that politician pays her from his charity, Jenny balks…and contacts the most trusted and swoon-worthy investigative reporter around.

David Redi knows an explosive political scandal when he sees one, but he never expected a career-making tip to come from an effervescent portrait painter with the eyes of a freakin’ cartoon princess. A romance with his source would wreck his credibility, but Jenny is the one lead he can’t refuse to follow. And soon it’s not only truth, justice, and liberty at stake—it’s love.

Rogue Affair is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, iBooks, and Kobo!


Work of Heart Promo Graphic

Rogue Affair