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Ship Wrecked has officially washed ashore!

The illustrated cover of Olivia Dade's SHIP WRECKED, featuring a cerulean blue background and a line drawing of steep cliffs in front of an ocean, with a couple in full color in front. They're both fat and gorgeous, and they're embracing and about to kiss. He's wearing a suit, and she's wearing ripped clothing and leather armor suitable for a Viking shield-maiden.

Maria’s one-night stand—the thick-thighed, sexy Viking of a man she left without a word or a note—just reappeared. Apparently, Peter’s her surly Gods of the Gates co-star, and they’re about to spend the next six years filming on a desolate Irish island together. She still wants him…but he now wants nothing to do with her.

Peter knows this role could finally transform him from a forgettable character actor into a leading man. He also knows a failed relationship with Maria could poison the set, and he won’t sabotage his career for a woman who’s already walked away from him once. Given time, maybe they can be cooperative colleagues or friends—possibly even best friends—but not lovers again. No matter how much he aches for her.

For years, they don’t touch off-camera. But on their last night of filming, their mutual restraint finally shatters, and all their pent-up desire explodes into renewed passion. Too bad they still don’t have a future together, since Peter’s going back to Hollywood, while Maria’s returning to her native Sweden. She thinks she needs more than he can give her, but he’s determined to change her mind, and he’s spent the last six years waiting. Watching. Wanting.

His shipwrecked Swede doesn’t stand a chance.

Ship Wrecked is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play, as well as The Ripped Bodice and Love’s Sweet Arrow! (For more vendors carrying the U.S. edition, please click here.)

Ship Wrecked is also available in German.

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Coming soon(ish)…

A book with a yellow placeholder cover reading "At First Spite, Olivia Dade, Cover coming soon."

When Athena Greydon’s fiancé ends their engagement a month before the wedding, she has no choice but to pack up her few possessions and move into the Spite House she recklessly bought him as a wedding gift. Which is a real problem, for several key reasons: The house is only ten feet wide. Her ex’s home is literally attached to hers. And Dr. Matthew Vine the Freaking Third—AKA the uptight, judgy jerk who convinced his younger brother to leave her—is living on her other side, only a four-foot alley away.

If she has to see Matthew every time she looks out her windows, surely it’s only fair that she have a little fun with the situation. By, say, playing audiobooks about Sasquatch threesomes at top volume with those windows open. A woman living in a Spite House is basically obligated to get petty payback however she can, right?

Despite Athena’s best efforts, though, loathing Matthew proves more difficult than anticipated. He helps her move. He listens. He thinks Freddy Krueger is a national chain of grocery stores. And he’s kind of…hot? Dammit.

Matthew may not regret breaking up Johnny and Athena’s engagement, but he does regret what the Vine brothers’ carelessness has done to her. Any honorable man in his position would try to help her however he can. If that means finding her work, fine. If that means enduring nightly Cryptid Erotica Story Hours, so be it. And if that means watching Athena through their windows a bit too often and caring about her a bit too much…well, nothing can come of it. She’ll never forgive him. Even if she did, how would he ever tell his beloved younger brother that he wants the very same woman he pushed Johnny to leave?

At First Spite: A Harlot’s Bay Novel comes out on February 20, 2024 and is available for pre-order at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play, as well as Love’s Sweet Arrow and The Ripped Bodice! (For more vendors carrying the U.S. edition, please click here.)

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